Hit Your DEI Goals With Skills-Based Interviews
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Hit Your DEI Goals With Skills-Based Interviews
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May 29, 2023
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In this post series we will share one skill at each post that you can learn about from candidates’ questions on an interview.

The first skill we will discuss is thoroughness/preparedness - how well did the candidate prepare for the interview and studied your company and the position.

Questions indicating high thoroughness/preparedness:

1. Can you tell me more about X component of the position/company culture?

2. Questions about a recent change/win/loss the company underwent and how do they affect the company/position?

3. Asking about specific roles/responsibilities OR going into detail about the company’s product/service.

Questions indicating low thoroughness/preparedness:

1. Asking very basic questions about the position/company (main responsibilities, work model and other things that are usually clearly stated in the job description).

2. Asking questions that indicate that the candidate does not know who is interviewing them (for example: ask a recruiter about the professional aspects of the job).

3. Having no questions at all - anyone that does a basic search on google regarding how to prepare for an interview knows that you are expected to ask questions.

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