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Informed Decisions

Informed Decisions is an HR-Tech company with a mission to assist organizations in making data-driven and equitable hiring decisions.
Informed interview platform enables companies to interrupt bias and hire qualified and diverse candidates faster by providing interviewers with continuous and actionable feedback about what they're doing well and what are their biases.

We are creating a skills-based and data-driven infrastructure for interviews that allows us to track and extract the best practices for hiring diverse and top-performing talent and replicate these across the organization.
We work with global organizations such as Blue Triton Brands, Kuehne Nagel, Forter, System 3, Quick and more. We serve as a trusted partner to our customers in building technology-powered hiring processes that yield higher workforce diversity, retention, and productivity.

Our team holds a diverse mixture of expertise in behavioral science, data science, technology, and product development.
Our team

Our Team

Shiran Danoch, CEO & Founder

Shiran is an IO psychologist with expertise in employee selection and a Ph.D. in people analytics. Shiran is a serial entrepreneur – Informed Decisions is her 2nd HR-Tech startup focused on better hiring decisions. Shiran is highly passionate about fighting human bias and creating work environments where people decisions are made based on data. Shiran is devoting her career to building teams and products to promote these goals, she also serves as an advisor for other HR-Tech startups. Shiran has consulted multi-national companies and built assessment processes for the Israeli government and army.
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