Hit Your DEI Goals With Skills-Based Interviews
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Hit Your DEI Goals With Skills-Based Interviews
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Hire Qualified & Diverse Candidates with
Skills-Based Interviews

Live video and F2F interview platform for an equitable, accurate, and lean interview process with an amazing candidate experience.
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Integrated with your ATS:
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Enhance your Interviews with Science to Win the War for Talent

Learn and replicate interview best practices from your most inclusive and successful interviewers
Glean insight into the prevalent biases in your interview process and get actionable feedback on how to reduce it
Remove interviews that don’t yield additional information from your process
Mitigate discrimination risks by taking preventative steps to minimize bias in the interview process
Encourage accountability for DEI in your hiring teams. Set, measure, and track diversity KPIs
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How it works?

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Build Predictive Interviews, in Minutes

With Informed's skills-based interview builder you can choose the skills you want to assess in the interview process and get a selection of questions developed by subject matter experts to choose from. You can also use pre-built templates.

Interview for the Right Skills

Conduct a F2F or a live video interview with the platform via your favorite video conferencing app. Score the candidate on relevant skills as you go.
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Make a Data-Driven Decision

Immediately as you finish interviewing, you will receive collated data about the candidate’s level in each one of the desired skills based on multiple data points collected throughout the interview in order to make an informed decision.

Monitor and Reduce Bias in your Hiring Process

The more your interviewers work with the platform, the more it gets to know them and can provide you with feedback on the things your best interviewers (predictive, inclusive) are doing and should be replicated. The platform also reveals prevalent biases in the interview process and provides continuous feedback in order to overcome them.
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Customers and Candidates Recognize the Difference

Working with Informed platform shifted our hiring managers’ focus from credentials to skills. This has allowed us to broaden our talent pool, include more diverse candidates in the interview process, and further diversify our workforce
— Stella Belich, VP Talent Management
Hi, I just wanted to share that since our interview, and also before it, I went through a lot of "personality" interviews. Our interview was unforgettable to me. I have never gone through such an in-depth, accurate interview that in the end, I felt the interviewers were able to really understand who I am. So just wanted to say thank you for a great experience.
— Omer. F., candidate for a product lead position
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