Hit Your DEI Goals With Skills-Based Interviews
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Hit Your DEI Goals With Skills-Based Interviews
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May 29, 2023
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Thanks to all participants of our recent survey (link in the first comment).

So, does a positive impression of a candidate based on their resume and test results justifies asking them less questions?

Our answer to this is a BIG NO NO.

Here is why:

1. Confirmation bias: If you cut candidates slack based on a positive first impression, you may end up confirming your initial impression instead of gathering more information that could disprove it.

2. Fairness: This approach is unfair to other candidates who will have to go through a more rigorous interview process.

3. Diversity: Resumes and pre-screening tests can be biased against diverse populations, as diverse candidates may not have the same credentials as non-diverse candidates and pre-screening assessments may not be culturally adapted.

Adopting structured, skills-based interviews helps level the playing field for all candidates.

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