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December 31, 2023
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Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey 'What actions are you taking to reduce bias in your interview process'.

As it arises from the survey, most of you are practicing bias training, interview guides, and scorecards.

Bias training and structured interviews are gradually and steadily becoming a best practice, as organizations recognize their importance in promoting diversity in the hiring process.

By implementing interview guides and scorecards, companies provide a consistent and fair evaluation framework for all candidates. For instance, companies like Amazon and Facebook have adopted structured interview guides to standardize the interview process, ensuring that all candidates are assessed against the same set of criteria. These guides outline the questions and evaluation criteria that interviewers should follow, reducing the potential for bias and enabling a more objective assessment. Furthermore, organizations like IBM and LinkedIn have invested in unconscious bias training programs, educating their hiring teams on implicit biases that may affect decision-making.

But are these practices actually effective? What can you do as a talent leader to differentiate yourself and stay on top of the curve?

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