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November 27, 2022
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3 reasons not to review a candidate’s CV before an interview:

1. Efficiency - Pre-screening (CV screen and phone interview) should have covered all bio requirements for the position.

2. Accuracy - Skills beat previous experience in predicting job performance, so you’ll want to spend your interview time assessing if the candidate’s skill set match the job’s core skills.

3. Fairness - Resumes contain information that creates biases. For example, candidates who worked at well-known organizations or studied at well-known universities can be assessed more favorably without any connection to their capabilities. As interviewers, it might make us drop our guards down when interviewing them vs. other candidates who will be assessed more harshly.

This doesn't mean that previous experience and education shouldn't be considered in the hiring process. It’s just means that once candidate were screened and advanced to the interview stage, we should level the playing field for all.

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