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November 27, 2022
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Interviewing with others?
Do you?
• Exchange texts/comments with your fellow interviewers during the interview?
• Kick ‘em underneath the table?
• Exchange looks or roll your eyes?
• Immediately after the interview ends, start discussing the candidate?
If you answered yes to one or more of the above, you are a dependent interviewer.
Dependent interviewers knowingly or unknowingly influence each others’ view of the candidate. This undermines the entire goal of having multiple interviewers—to gain multiple and diverse perspectives of the candidate.
Dependent evaluations create groupthink, contagion of bias, and they hurt your interview process’s accuracy and fairness. It also undermines efficiency and time to hire since you will probably need more interviews to make up your mind.
So what can you do in order to become an independent interviewer:
STOP doing all of the above.
Upon completing an interview - each interviewer should first provide their evaluations (scores and summary) separately and only then discuss.
DO NOT change your scores after the discussion - research has shown that a simple average of independent evaluations out predicts each one of the separate evaluations.

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