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December 31, 2023
Should Every CEO Apply for a Job at Their Own Company Once a Year? Informed Decisions Weighs In!
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First and foremost, a hearty thank you to each one of you who took the time to share your insights in our recent survey. (Link to the survey results in the 1st comment).

The intriguing question stands - Should a CEO apply for a job at their own company annually?

Here at Informed Decisions, our perspective is a resounding YES. Let’s delve into the three primary reasons for our stance:

1. Upholding Company Values: Growth is thrilling, but with the addition of numerous layers in a rapidly expanding company, there’s a risk: the core values may get diluted or misinterpreted. The hiring process is the maiden encounter potential employees have with an organization. For a CEO, being hands-on ensures these values remain consistent and true to their foundation.

2. Maintaining Brand Integrity: Remember, a job applicant today might just be a customer tomorrow. Or they already might be one! The impression the company creates during the hiring phase doesn't just impact the immediate process, but ripples into areas like brand perception, social media reviews, and public sentiment. It’s more than just hiring; it’s brand building.

3. Ensuring a Competitive Edge: Stellar talent is the backbone of a successful enterprise. But how do you draw such talent? Beyond just the perks and the pay, it’s the candidate experience that makes or breaks the deal. A CEO's involvement emphasizes the importance the company places on every individual's journey with them, right from the application stage.

Now, critics might opine that such an approach implies a lack of trust in the Talent Acquisition team. But isn’t that like suggesting that a CEO shouldn't periodically review pivotal processes like sales or marketing? Overseeing doesn't mean micromanaging; it signifies prioritizing. After all, as the guardians of company ethos, CEOs play an integral role in ensuring every facet of the business aligns with its foundational principles.

To conclude, a CEO's involvement in the hiring process, even if symbolic, echoes the commitment to values, brand, and the quest for top-tier talent. It’s not just about filling a vacancy; it's about shaping the future of the organization, one hire at a time.

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