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July 13, 2023
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“A few years ago I interviewed for an HR position with a company ironically known for their good customer service . It was a training & development role at a large distribution center. I had a lengthy (1 hour) phone screen; then a 30 minute phone screen; 5 HOURS of interviews on-site with multiple people at the site. The interviews were back to back with a 10 or 15 break in between and no break for lunch. By the end I was exhausted and starving!

Then the recruiter called me the next day and asked if I could do a phone interview with 2 people who weren’t able to be at the on-site gauntlet.

I did not get an offer. I knew I wouldn’t when the people on site kept saying they like to promote from within. At that point I decided to just use the interviews as practice and I was morbidly curious how far they would take it. Very frustrating.”

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