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February 26, 2024
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"Disappointing recruitment experience 😞
This week I experienced something that upset me a lot. I was contacted on LinkedIn by a recruiter from a well-known company that I wanted to work for for a long time. In the message she sent me there was a link to choose a slot for the call.
After I chose a slot, I received a link to a home assignment without anyone speaking with me, without knowing if I even wanted or was suitable for the job.
I wrote to the recruiter that I would like to talk by phone first to check mutual compatibility.
We talked for a few minutes, and I really felt like she was doing me a favor by even talking to me. She told me the home assignment should take "only a few hours, "no more than half a day".
I'm an experienced developer, and I worked for two whole days!
I am frustrated and very angry with myself. But I'm not giving up. I wish the managers who recruit, to be human beings. You might work for a reputable company, and candidates are standing in line, but humane treatment is fundamental."

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