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February 13, 2024
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"Alright, get this: A while back, I was in the running for (huge corporate) grad program. Picture the scene: they herd us into solitary confinement, I mean, a room, and unleash this actor who's basically a verbal wrecking ball. The dude goes full Oscar-worthy performance, hurling insults, getting all up in our personal space, basically embodying every nightmare boss you've ever had. This goes on for an eternity (read: an hour). By the end, half of us are practically sobbing.

Now, with some time passed, I'm like, “What fresh dystopian HR hellscape was that?” Seriously, how did I, or any of us, sit there and think, “Yep, this is totally fine and normal”? It was like a twisted episode of Black Mirror, minus the cool tech.

Talk about a soul-crushing, dignity-stripping ordeal. Has anyone else been through this kind of bizarre, humiliating recruitment ceremony? Or is it just me who's been to this corporate Thunderdome?"

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