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February 26, 2024
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Recruiters and managers, stop blowing us off in very advanced stages of the recruitment process with the pathetic excuse of "you don't have enough experience/we continued with a candidate who had more experience" when we all know it's an absolute lie.

We're not fools. After we've gone through all the stages and are moments away from signing a contract, we deserve a decent and respectful response, not some dismissive statement because you want to end the conversation quickly and run to your lunch break.

I finished a recruitment process for a job I really wanted and wasn't accepted.

The entire process was very kind and professional.

We reached the very last stage and I was explicitly told we were about to sign a contract.

I called the recruiting manager to check the status and she told me they decided not to proceed with me due to a lack of experience.

I have experience!!!

The issue of experience never came up in any conversation.

The call lasted a minute and was very distant and unpleasant.

I felt I was being brushed off rudely, which was opposite to the impression I had of them.

Why leave me in this uncertainty and give me such a disgusting and frustrating feeling?

I don't understand what's the problem in giving a respectful and normal response.

I really don't understand why they backed out at the last minute, and if they would have explained, I would have ended the process more positively.

Now I'm left with a great deal of resentment.

Stop underestimating our intelligence.

Stop seeing us as a burden you need to get rid of.

It's crazy that the recruitment process has turned into a battlefield.

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