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May 29, 2023
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Feedback is the greatest present you can give a rejected candidate.
Instead of sending rejected candidates on their way with a generic statement like "we have decided to move forward with more qualified candidates," you can give them something they can learn from for their next application. Providing feedback not only shows appreciation for the candidate's time invested in the process but also creates a positive candidate experience.
So how do you actually provide feedback?
1. Preferably by phone/video - particularly if the candidate was rejected at later stages of the recruitment process.
2. Ask the candidate if they are interested in feedback - sometimes you will get a yes when it’s really a no, but most candidates will be grateful for the feedback
3. Mention something that the candidate did right in the process and that you were impressed with.
4. Focus on 1-2 skills and provide examples + how can they get better at this.
For example: if its a technical skill, you can say: “We were impressed with the solution you suggested, but your code wasn’t clean enough. We suggest to practice code cleaning and getting your code reviewed in these websites…”
If its a human skill, you can say: “We were impressed with the way you approach problems, but your communication was too concise and we found it challenging to understand the underlying logic behind your decisions. In this position you are required to constantly communicate your way of thought to others. This is something that you can improve at by practicing sharing your thought process with friends and family”.
Although providing feedback may seem time-consuming, after doing it several times, it becomes easier. It is also a fair thing to do that can yield positive results for the candidate experience, employer brand, and your own feedback-giving skills.

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