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May 24, 2024
The Hiring Blind Spot Costing You Top Talent (and How to Fix It)
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Imagine a basketball player throwing down a thunderous dunk... only to be blindfolded immediately after. They never know if the ball soared through the net or bounced off the rim. 

This, unfortunately, is the reality for many recruiters and hiring managers. They invest time and energy into interviews, but rarely receive feedback on their effectiveness.

Recruiters often lack crucial data on hiring success once a candidate is on board. Hiring managers, while impacted by good and bad hires, can't always connect those outcomes to specific interview behaviors.

This lack of feedback creates a blind spot in the hiring process, hindering our ability to attract top talent. Just like any skill, effective interviewing requires constant learning and improvement. Without feedback, how can we expect interviewers to develop the critical skills needed to ensure hiring accuracy and fairness?

Let's break the cycle of interviewing in the dark! Feedback is the secret weapon that unlocks a world of improvement in your hiring process. By providing interviewers with data-driven insights, we can empower them to make better decisions, leading to a more effective and equitable hiring experience for everyone.

Learn how to provide interviewers with actionable feedback + other techniques to differentiate yourself as a TA leader: 

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