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April 4, 2023
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We've all come across various visualizations showcasing the difference between equality and equity (here's another great one). However, how do these concepts translate to job interviews?


During the interview, all candidates are asked the same questions and evaluated for the same set of skills.

When making hiring decisions, all information provided (bio, skills, values, motivations, culture add) is weighed in the same manner for every candidate.


During the interview, adjustments are made to ensure that every candidate, regardless of their background or circumstances, has an equal opportunity to perform their best. For instance:

1. Language adaptations - If the interview is conducted in a language that isn't the candidate's native tongue, adding an interviewer who speaks the candidate's language or letting the candidate know at the outset of the interview that they can ask the interviewer to repeat questions or speak more slowly.

2. Avoiding questions that may create bias - It is widely known that it's illegal to ask candidates about their ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. However, it's also inappropriate and intrusive to ask questions that skirt around these topics.

3. Modifying interviewers' communication style to be more inclusive of candidates from diverse cultures. This involves using clear and straightforward language, avoiding idioms and slang, and being mindful of different communication styles across cultures. Equality in the interview process sets a baseline that can be achieved through a structured interview and decision-making process. Though it may appear basic, many companies and interviewers conduct unstructured interviews and discussions that result in biased hiring. Equity is the standard that businesses should strive to uphold, and it begins with understanding interviewers' biases, providing them with actionable insights, and monitoring their progress over time. Whether you're aiming for equality or equity, the Informed Interview Intelligence Platform is here to help!

*Picture source: The World Forum

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