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Utilizing Informed Decisions Interview Intelligence for Data-Driven Decisions for Fraud Analytics Positions at Forter
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About Forter

Forter is a software as a service (SaaS) company that provides fraud prevention technology for online retailers and marketplaces. In the recent years, after raising substantial capital, Forter needed to hire top talent with speed for their core Fraud Analytics positions.


Process Measurement

Vast resources invested in the interview process with insufficient ability to systematically assess its effectiveness.

Process Scalability

The interview process was not standardized, which made it challenging to transfer knowledge to new interviewers, to scale the interviewing team, and to assess candidates in a consistent manner.

Process Length

The process included 3 professional tasks and 3 interviews - making it long and time consuming for both candidates and interviewers.



Defining the critical hard and human skills for the positions, as well as values and motivations.
Growth Mindset
  • Open to feedback and is able to quickly implement it.
  • Introspective and applies lessons learned.
  • Curios and an autodidact.

Interview process shortening and standardization

Added an application form - to save time reviewing irrelevant candidates’ CVs.

ATS Integration

Candidates automatically open on ID platform
All interviews can be accessed through greenhouse
Interview summaries are fed back into greenhouse.


Measurable Process

Individual Feedback Reports
Each interviewer on the interviewing team receives a periodic report with key actionable insights into their strengths and biases:
One interviewer discovered she was giving lower scores to candidates she interviewed in the afternoons compared to the mornings. Based on the actionable insights from the Informed Decisions Platform on how to reduce this bias, she was able to eliminate it in the subsequent interview round!
Two interviewers, one female and one male, were surprised to learn that, even though they identify themselves as feminists, they consistently give lower interview scores to female candidates.
Another interviewer was pleased to learn that there's a strong correlation between his methodical approach to documenting and scoring interview questions and his ability to hire top-performing candidates.
Team feedback Report
Data from the entire interview team is aggregated to provide Talent Acquisition and the business with insights into the key behaviors that contribute to hiring more diverse and qualified candidates. This data also reveals the prevailing biases within the team that might impede these efforts.
Top interviewers are recognized for their best practices. At Forter, they chose to publicly acknowledge these accomplishments and reward top interviewers with a gift certificate. This fosters healthy competition among the team, encouraging them to embrace positive interview behaviors and strive for the "Top Interviewer" title.
While constantly growing their team of interviewers, Forter analytics team is now able to make a data-driven decision on whom the new interviewers should be shadowing and what are the most important interview techniques to be taught during the onboarding process.
Quality and Diversity of Hire Measurment
By leveraging the Quality of Hire and diversity metrics presented in the Informed Decisions Platform reports, Forter can now monitor its progress towards more equitable hiring. This also provides a clear insight into the relationship between individual interviewers, types of interviews, assessed skills, posed questions, and the resulting quality and diversity of hires. This data-driven approach enables Forter to continually refine and improve the interview process.


Standardized process that allows to onboard new interviewers quicker
Skills - based questions and scoring rubrics assists new interviewers align on the critical skills and how they should be evaluated.


Lean fraud analyst profile has skills reduced from 27 to 13.
From 3 tasks to 2 - from mostly manual assessment of the tasks to mostly automated.
Shorter interview process - more candidates are being screened out in the first interview.
Estimated saved time on interviews: 8 hours per 1 hire
Decrease in time to hire 2 days
New York
Company Size
500-1000 employees
Address: 20 Tuval St. Ramat Gan, Israel
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