Do you agree with the corporate definition of Talent Acquisition as a "cost center"? - Informed Decisions take

Thanks to all who participated in our survey. So, should Talent Acquisition be considered as a cost center? Our answer to this is NO.

A cost center is defined in corporate terms as a business unit or department that incurs expenses but does not directly generate revenue. And we ask—what is more directly tied to a company's revenue than the quality of its talent?

When you think about it, TA impacts a company's revenue more than any other unit since it's in charge of hiring the talent that will make the revenue all throughout the organization.

Moreover, effective Talent Acquisition strategies can significantly reduce turnover rates, which are directly linked to lower recruitment and training costs. This not only saves money but also fosters a more stable and engaged workforce, contributing further to organizational success.

Talent leaders who understand this need to operate in order to demonstrate TA's impact on the business and translate it into monetary value.

More on how to do this in future posts.

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