Providing actionable feedback to interviewers- Informed Decisions take

Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey: 'Should companies provide interviewers with actionable feedback on their strengths and biases during interviews?'

At Informed Decision, our resounding answer is a definite 'YES'. Here's why:

Interviewers, like professionals in any field, need feedback to improve. Imagine a basketball player not knowing if they scored, a surgeon unaware of their operation's outcome, or a salesperson clueless about closing a deal. Feedback is crucial.

Recruiters often lack visibility into their hiring effectiveness, as their involvement typically ends once a candidate is hired. Hiring managers, on the other hand, feel the impact of a good or poor hire but often can't link it to specific interviewing practices. Providing both groups with data-driven insights is a crucial step towards enhancing hiring accuracy and fairness."

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