"In mid-August, I was approached by a small higher education program to apply for the position of dean. It would be a good fit for me, pay reasonably well, and be the logical next step in my career. I applied.

In early September I was invited for a zoom interview. It lasted two hours, and had great energy. I came out of it even more interested in the position than I had been before.

Three days later they called to invite me to fly to the campus (a couple states away) for a 24 hour in person visit and get to know the place and key personnel. It was tiring, but i think went really well. I was told then they were hoping to start the position in January.

A week after my campus visit, i got a thank you from the HR rep, sounding really positive. (I had also sent one to the committee).

A month later I was told they were still doing interviews, and now not going to make a decision till end of the year.

A month after that, told the same again.

At this point, I've basically given up on it, and assumed they weren't happy with something about the first round of interviews, despite how good it seemed to go."

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"I applied for a part-time role. They let me know that they cannot hire anyone working part time right now.

Why?? I applied for a specifically part-time role and specified my availability. I got invited to interview in person 3 days later, where the manager informed me that they cannot hire anyone part time and I was encouraged to apply in the future. wtf??"

source: reddit

#interviews #inteerviewhorrorstory #informedecisions