With the rapidly advancing field of artificial intelligence, there are now powerful tools available to help organizations optimize their hiring processes. Here are three ways that AI can be used to enhance your hiring practices and give your company a competitive edge.

1. Use AI to continuously refine your hiring practices - AI that compares hiring scores to performance and retention can identify which components of the process are more or less predictive, and adjust their weighting accordingly to improve overall predictive validity. AI can also suggest additional interview questions similar to the most predictive ones, and remove non-predictive questions from the interview process.

2. Use AI to identify your best interviewers - AI can evaluate each interviewer's predictive capabilities by analyzing the percentage of candidates they have hired who are considered top performers and have remained with the organization long-term, versus those who have left or been fired.

3. Use AI to track and mitigate bias in your hiring processes - AI can identify systematic biases at the individual or group level, such as first impressions, overemphasizing credentials versus skills, favoring or disfavoring particular genders or ethnicities, and much more.

All of these capabilities are already out there, allowing talent leaders and recruiters to become more data-driven and focus on high impact activities. The companies that will be late to adopt them will stay behind the curve.


AI and machine learning have been all the rage for enhancing hiring decisions, and for good reasons, but you shouldn’t forget that all you can do with a simple spreadsheet,

For those of you who don’t have an AI-based interview platform like ours, but are still interested in conducting a more accurate, fair, and efficient interview process, we highly recommend that interviewers record a candidate’s score for each evaluated skill on a spreadsheet. At the end of the interview, you can average all the skills’ scores for a candidate’s overall score.

Research has proven time and again that a simple average of scores out predicts our intuitive evaluation. You can definitely take a data-driven approach to hiring even if you don’t have AI at your disposal.

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